Fee Schedule

We have a very straightforward, transparent flat fee structure.. put in place so that we can keep the whole process within your budget right from the start… and you have the re-assurance of knowing that regardless of what you pay your nanny our fees will stay the same. We know that placement fees based on a percentage of the nanny’s salary or a multiple of a weeks salary are virtually impossible to clarify at the start of the process and you can end up paying considerably more than you budgeted for.

(FLAT FEES V PERCENTAGE FEES - see below for a cost comparison)

So we now keep our fees totally independent of salaries and simply based on the number of days/hours you need a nanny.. and you still get the full service that we have always offered and are known for.
There are no hidden extras, no registration fee and no VAT to pay…we only charge a fee if we are successful in placing a nanny with you – and we can also offer staggered fee payment options.

Our Introduction/Placement fees


1 day to 6 weeks

£30 first day and £10 per day thereafter

Maternity Nanny

£30 first day/night and £12 per day/night thereafter

Babysitter – one off

£30 booking fee

Permanent and Extended Temporary:



Extended Temporary
(6 weeks to 6 months)

1 day/up to 10 hours per week



2 days/11-20 hours per week



3 days/21-30 hours per week



4 days/31-40 hours per week



5 days/41-50+ hours per week



Babysitting Service

We also have an option for you to register with our babysitting service on an ongoing basis. Just get in touch for details.

Our Guarantee and refund terms

We offer a straightforward no-quibble replacement free of charge if the employee leaves your employment within eight weeks.

If after four weeks we are unable to find a replacement, or you decide not to carry on with the search, we will refund your introduction fee (and only charge you a temporary fee for the time the employee worked for you)

For more details see Terms and Conditions clause 13.

Flat Fees vs. Percentage Fees

We know it can be difficult to get a handle on the cost when different agencies have different fee structures. This comparison table will help.


5.5% of annual gross

3 or 4 x 1 week's gross salary

Our Flat Fee

40 hours per week @ £8- £10 gross per hour

£915 to £1,144

£960 to £1,600


20 hours per week @ £8-10 gross per hour

£457 to £572

£480 to £800